The origins of Ms. Business

Ms Business Association started when founding member, Lauren Brynjelsen of One Life Kitchen, called together a group of friends for a get together to talk about their businesses. The goal was to have one person from several industries share their experiences and gain support from each woman there. This turned into monthly meetings that empowered and encouraged our members in not only their business but in all aspects of their life.


Ms. Business Association (MBA) is comprised of women in business huddles throughout the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.  As an organization, we help support, encourage and motivate working women so that they are successful in achieving their business goals. Our goal for Ms Business Association is to continue that philosophy of empowering and encouraging women in business through tightly knit “huddles” that turns into a strong network of support.

Testimonials from Members

This group has provided me the opportunity to connect with like minded women to further develop both my business and personal skills. BWB provides me with some great advice, support, encouragement, referrals, accountability from women whom I truly respect. Though this group I have gained friendships and the confidence to grow my business to a new level. Is true When women support each other great things happen.

As a fledgling business owner in Barrington, this group of women has supported, empowered, and encouraged me as I grow. I am grateful for the relationships that I have built, the connections (and friends!) that I have made, and the opportunities that have come from this group.

I didn't know I needed these ladies until after my first or second meeting. The support they've given me is immeasurable.

I've gained so much confidence in myself and my practice through being an active member of this group, sharing my experience, and learning from these women. The information, connection, and support has been priceless. I had major 'imposter syndrome' feeling very out of my league in the business world, but I've realized how unique my skill set is and how much knowledge I really do have to offer others regardless of what stage of life and/or business I'm in. I'm so grateful for this community of brilliant, like-minded women.

"When women support each other incredible things happen."