Main Events

Sign up and learn more about upcoming MBA events! Members are able to attend for free and can bring a guest for a $10 fee. Members and non-members who wish to attend non-mandatory events will be required to sign up online prior to the event. 

Kickoff Meeting

August 19th 2020 at 7:30pm

Join us for our very first kickoff meeting to welcome our new potential members! You must apply to Ms. Business Association in order to attend. If you have already applied, you will receive an email and further details to let you know if you qualify for the first meeting. 

Guest Speaker

Aligning with our mission, MBA offers 2 events each year, that are designed for all huddles to come together for networking, business knowledge and leadership motivation. Each event is filled with energy and includes a well-respected guest speaker in the business industry. Attendance for these events are not required but strongly encouraged. Cost is based on a per event basis and includes either lunch or dinner.

Book Club

September 23rd 2020 at 7pm

MBA Book club is a business book group that meets the first Wednesday of each month. All book selections are topics related to building a successful personal and business life. Participation in MBA business book club is included as part of membership. However, the following are requirements to participate:

  • You must sign up before 
  • You must have read the book to participate.

Huddle Meetings

MBA determines which huddle is the best-fit for an incoming member. Each huddle is city-based and is limited to one seat per member category with no groups size larger than 15 members. 

Group Huddle’s meet once a month on a recurring day-time. Huddle’s are held from 7:00-9:30 PM at the beautiful inspiring space of One Life Kitchen, Barrington. Group huddle includes an appetizer and a beverage of choice. Huddles will be facilitated by a founding MBA Member.

*We are aware from time to time issues arise, but to remain in good status with MBA, we do expect our members to attend their monthly group huddle.

Social Events

We invite you to sign-up and join us for our upcoming Ms. Business Association events!

MBA Mingle Mix Cocktail-Appetizer

Date, time, and details coming soon!

January Lunch

Date, time, and details are coming soon!