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MBA is a women in business network in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.  As an organization, we value community, collaboration, and connection. We help empower, support, encourage and motivate working women so that they are successful in achieving their business goals.

Spotlight Member:

Beth Christensen

Happy Littles Sleep Consulting

I’m a certified child sleep consultant with Happy Littles Sleep Consulting. I work with parents who are expecting babies up through the age of 6 years old. I give parents the tools and support needed to teach their children healthy sleep habits. For younger babies this may look like adjusting schedules and starting to learn some soothing skills. For older babies it can look like teaching them to sleep through the night or in age-appropriate stretches. For toddlers and preschool littles I take you through my family meeting process and give you mindfulness tools and activities to do to help calm fears and anxieties.

I love to travel! In the past year I was in Florence, Italy, Boston, Maine, and Mexico. I love to cook for my family and go out to eat. My happy place is the beach!

I lived and worked in Hilo, Hawaii with my husband for four months right after we hot married and honeymooned in Aruba!
Boston, MA. More specifically I grew up in Andover, MA, went college/grad/doctorate program in Boston, bought our first home in Wakefield, MA in 2012, and moved to North Barrington in 2018.
“Every action you take is a vote for the person you wish to become” James Clear
No one is doing it all. Decide what’s important to you in life and business, focus on that, and outsource the rest.
There are so many resources available to us in MBA! Have a question about TikTok? Someone can help! Trying to figure out how QR codes work? Someone can help! Need a contact person at a local business? Someone can help. As a solo business owner I’m alone most of the time so having this group is like having a personal library of resources!

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Ms. Business Association values the uniqueness of each business women. Our mission is one that lifts one another up in the ways of honesty and accountability, never in shame, but with the desire to help each member reach their true potential.