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MBA is a women in business network in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.  As an organization, we value community, collaboration, and connection. We help empower, support, encourage and motivate working women so that they are successful in achieving their business goals.

Spotlight Member:

Brittney Madison

Happy Littles Sleep Consulting

I am a portrait and brand photographer. For portraits, I love to capture genuine moments between couples and families by playing games and offering prompts, inviting people to interact with one another instead of focusing on me. For branding sessions, I like to help creative business owners and employees level up their digital presence. How often do you google a restaurant, service, or product? Every time someone looks you up online, they’re making conscious and unconscious decisions about how they perceive you and your business. I like to make sure businesses are equipped with imagery that authentically showcases their brand value – from the tangible and intangible products and services to the expertise you offer your customers.
I spend my free time with my fiancé and pets. When it’s cold out, we like to play games indoors and enjoy the food Michael cooks. When it’s warm out, we like to go on hiking trips, camp with our dog, or visit the Chicago Botanic Gardens.
My photography community may not know I studied plant genetics and agriculture at school. I enjoyed talking about it more than I liked being in a laboratory, so I’ve ended up in digital marketing at an agricultural company for my day job.
I grew up on a corn and soybean farm about an hour south of Barrington.
I don’t have one, but at my marketing job, someone was asking about my team’s experience building a whole new selling unit from the ground up. He asked, “What have you failed at so far? If you aren’t failing, you probably aren’t trying enough. Every time you’re doing something new, you should try it a few different ways to find out what works best.”
To me, it’s a good reminder that failing can be useful. It means you’re not settling. You’re trying new things or different ways to do something. It means learning and pushing yourself. You should probably expect to have some types of failures if you’re doing something for the first time (i.e., building a business, advancing your career, launching a new offering). It really takes the pressure off, letting you experiment and have fun with new ideas and not be afraid if they don’t work out the first time (or ever)
Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone starts at a different time, place, and with different resources. It’s unfair to compare yourself at the beginning to someone who is in the middle or at the peak of their journey.
I love the connections I get to make with other women who are striving to build something for themselves – whether it’s a business, a career, or a certain type of life.
I haven’t advertised them yet, but I’m looking forward to wintry sessions now that we’re finally getting some snow and tulip sessions in collaboration with Little Ducky Flower Farm as soon as it warms up!

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